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Please take a moment to read this help page to familiarise yourself with the best way to use our website.

JUMP MENU  This is how our Drop Down Menu list will look, and will allow you to select  a Gallery Thumbnail page to suit, instead of having to open up endless  pages until you get to the one you want.
ZOOMICON Whenever you see this, a "ZOOMICON", you will be able to "ZOOM" in on the image to get a closer view.
You will NOT have to CLICK it.
You can just roll your mouse pointer over it.
INFOICON Whenever you this, an "INFOICON", you just have to roll your mouse pointer over it.
An Information text box will appear explaining what you may find if you click on the associated image or link. You do not have to click it
These are very simply "BACK" and "NEXT" links, and clicking on one will move you on to the next page or back to a previous page.
QUICKLINKS Some of our pages have a "QUICKLINKS" section at the bottom.
This is a very simple collection of TEXT links that will jump you straight to the relevant linked page.
The "QUICKLINKS" icon that you will see at the top of some pages will jump you straight down to the bottom of the page where the "QUICKLINKS" are.
Because there are lots and lots of images and photo's of all the work we do, to save you having to wait ages for all the photo's to download to your computer, we have created "THUMBNAILS", that are just very small images of the big picture.
You will be able to quickly scroll through all the little "THUMBNAIL" images and when you see one that may interest you, if you just click on the "THUMBNAIL" a large picture will open up in the page below.

Our website is built to work with Internet Explorer as a preference,
although all Netscape Navigator fixes have been made.
You can get the latest Internet Browser from here, which will enable
you to veiw and enjoy our website to it's full potential.

You can get the latest Adobe Acrobat reader to enable you to
view PDF's from any website.
We have only one PDF of the Authentication of our AC Cobra
chassis no. COB 6036 in the Features section

There are no "FLASH" animations on our website, but you can
get the latest "FLASH PLAYER" from Macromedia from this link.


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